Redondo Systems Incorporated (RSI) is primarily a military tactical communications system and software company specializing in tactical data link and radar simulation and operational systems. Founded in 1983, we have become a leading supplier of systems and software products to the United States and allied foreign military agencies and defense contractors.

In 2009 RSI added a commercial division to provide on-line time tracking software for the Mental Health Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MHMAA).

Our engineering staff’s expertise includes familiarity with many command, control, and weapons systems including THAAD, PATRIOT, IHAWK, NATO Ship-Shore-Ship Buffer, Peace Shield, MCE, etc., as well as commercial software expertise in on-line time tracking and services.

RSI’s defense products include the following
tactical data link types:
  • Link 11, 11B and 16
  • Link 22 (in development)
  • Link 1
  • TIBS
  • ATDL-1
  • Lateral/Forward Tell
  • FDL
  • VMF
  • DIS

Redondo Systems' Universal Radar Interface Unit (URIU), is a PC based system that provides translation and forwarding functions between different types of military communications.