Universal Radar Interface Unit

RSI's Universal Radar Interface Unit is an off-the-shelf PC based radar data translator system supporting allied armed forces around the world. The URIU receives radar plot and track messages and employs RSI's Tracker Module to generate correlated track messages for output on selected data link interfaces. The URIU is highly configurable by utilizing RSI 's Operational Core user interface package and then layering multiple radar and data link interface translation packages from RSI 's Interface Package Library (IPL). New customer application-specific requirements are easily accommodated.

URIU is a PC based radar data translation system that uses ruggedized, commercial off-the-shelf hardware configurations for enhanced reliability and durability. Once installed and configured, the URIU will automatically begin and data links. Subsequent system restarts require no operator interaction making the URIU a complete turn-key system.

  • Radar Interfaces
  • Data Links
  • Datasheet
Standard Interfaces:
  • AN/TPS-70 (Track Messages)
  • AN/TPS-43 (Plot Messages, Tracker Option required)
  • AN/MPQ-50 (Plot Messages, Tracker Option required)
  • AN/FPS-117 (Plot Messages, Tracker Option required)
Optional Interfaces:
  • CD2
  • AN/APG-71
  • AS/APS-138
  • AN/APY-2
  • AN/APX-76
  • AN/APX-100
  • AN/APX-103
  • AN/ARN-118
  • AN/ARN-118A
  • AN/ASN-130
  • AN/MPQ-57
  • AN/TPS-32
  • AN/TPS-75
  • AN/TPX-46
  • AN/UPX-23
  • AN/UPX-27
  • SPS-96/125
  • SPS-48C
Standard Links:
  • IDL
Optional Links:
  • Link 16
    (MIL-STD-6016, STANG 5516, JTIDS TIDIP)
  • Link 11, Link 11B
    (MIL-STD-6011, STANG 5511, JCS Pub6)
  • NATO Link1
    (STANG 5501)
  • ATDL-1
  • UDL

The URIU receives input radar plot and track messages from the configured radar interfaces. Input track messages (e.g.TPS-70 radar) are translated directly to each configured output data link protocol. Input radar plot messages are first processed by RSI's Tracker Module to correlate received raw radar data into established tracks in the track database. The Tracker Module is a fully configurable radar target tracker allowing control of azimuth and range error tolerances, IFF azimuth error tolerance, minimum plot range, and track number assignment blocks. External data link interfaces configured into the URIU independently scan the Track Database both on a periodic and on-demand basis to generate the appropriate messages for each object. Message generation and processing is based on the requirements of the associated specification for each configured external interface.

URIU is normally configured as a single workstation supporting multiple data link interfaces. The number of external interfaces supported by a single workstation is virtually unlimited. When more external interfaces are required URIU can be configured as a distributed network supporting multiple integrated workstations and processing nodes. In this configuration, URIU provides distributed processing and operator controls while maintaining fully integrated situation awareness and data availability at each workstation. Additional processing nodes can easily be added when elements of the system are physically separated. Single and dual options are available.